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Cheat Ninja Saga Set Kisame Akatsuki

Cheat Ninja Saga Set Kisame Akatsuki
Feature Cheat : Clothing set kisame akatsuki and weapon sharkskin sword (samehada),

History Samehada and Kisame
Kisame can use to his advantage by hiding himself in to avoid detection by Samehada sensor. During the initial fight with killer B, Samehada grows fond of certain chakras and finally B betrays Kisame, return some chakra kill Plankton from B during their battles and even protecting him from the Kisame's attacks.

Even so, Itachi was still capable of forcing Samehada to fulfill his commands, allowing him to hide in it and infiltrate the awful power as a spy, before firmly using it to absorb B chakra when its presence is exposed.

Tools Cheat : Fiddler dan Swf

Step :
1. Download fiddler and swf file
2. Open fiddler and drag swf to fiddler
3. Open ninja saga and clear cache browse
4. Check Gear You Must Have Kunai and Newbie Costme (Equipped Now)
5. Enjoy

Video Cheat Ninja Saga Set Kisame Akatsuki

pass RAR : cido


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